The past twenty five years have borne witness to countless important milestones, from the birth of the internet and the rise of social media to the launch of London's first ever dedicated men's fashion week and the breakthrough of iconic British designers such as Alexander McQueen. Throughout it all, IN London has been there to document the changes – providing key insights into the most exciting developments in the luxury world. 

Ever at the cutting edge, our commemorative 25th anniversary edition has undergone an exciting redesign, reflecting the energy of the city's dynamic cultural scene. Inside, we celebrate the broad range of innovative design that London has to offer, exploring the capital's first ever Design Biennale, as well as the diverse offerings of the annual London Design Festival. Editor Kathryn Conway also looks at the world-leading design skills of Vivienne Westwood Couture, chatting to head of couture Brigitte Stepputtis about the compelling beauty of handcrafted fashion. Elsewhere, we celebrate the resurgence of interest in how our fashion is made and the skills required to create a quality product, talking to London's first selvedge denim factory Blackhorse Lane Ateliers and Manchester-based menswear brand Private White V.C. Delve into these stories and more by clicking on the cover below.