Sourcing the perfect party eyeshadow for the festive season can often become an annual challenge – spending hours scouring endless rows of glittered golds and shimmering bronzes in pursuit of something that can can add a subtle embellishment, without crossing the line into 'too much.' So far, the perfect shadow has eluded the IN London team, until MAC launched the new Spellbinder collection – eight shades of delicious, moody shades, each with a subtle shimmer that renders them perfect for the festive season. The ionized pigments are magnetically charged to fuse the loose power together so it can maintain its form and dimension on the lid – meaning the rich emeralds, deep cobalts and velvety teals can sweep onto the lid effortlessly and stay there all night. We are in love!

MAC Spellbinder eyeshadows are available at Travel Retail locations worldwide for a limited time.