For those who like the idea of a skincare range tailored exactly to their needs, the news that Geneu is popping up at Selfridges this September will be extremely welcome. From September 26 to October 9, the DNA skincare brand is launching its first retail concept within the department store’s Beauty Workshop, allowing visitors to uncover exactly how Geneu can help tackle the problems associated with ageing skin.

A DNA saliva swab and a lifestyle assessment are completed at the pop up before being whisked away to the Geneu lab. It's here that that the genes that regulate how quickly your skin breaks down collagen and what level of antioxidant protection is offered are analysed. If both the swab and assessment are completed before 2.30pm, results are available to collect the same day.

Two tailor-made serums are then developed based on the results, with the GENOTYPE AOX serum tackling antioxidant protection issues and the GENTOYPE COL serum designed to boost collagen levels. The cartridges of serum are also available in a personalised engraved case for those looking for the ultimate experience.

The Geneu DNA test and lifestyle assessment costs £89, with serum packages priced from £200.