Since launching in 2004, Dover Street Market has built a reputation breaking boundaries and defying expectations, frequently partnering up with relatively unknown, cutting-edge brands to establish their name in the world of fashion. Now the boutique has surprised everyone once more by making an unlikely alliance with fine jewellery brand Tiffany – already a well-established brand, recognised across the world. However, given DSM's love of limited edition collaborations, the new partnership, which includes a limited run of one-off designs available for just a couple of months, makes perfect sense. 

The new 'Out of Retirement' collection is in fact not strictly new at all, made from Tiffany designs from the brand's archive that had previously been retired, brought back to life for a limited time only. Made from 18 pieces, the collection is comprised of eight jewellery designs and 10 gift items, drawn from the brand's past. Designs include 18 karat gold statement pieces from the early 1970s, including a trio of sculptural rings and bold bracelets with unisex appeal, as well as gold, diamond and tsavorite earrings modelled on cufflinks from Tiffany's 1971 Blue Book. The collection also boasts a range of sterling silver gift items including a miniature Chinese take-out container, a desk puzzle and a range of monkey clips modelled on the dollar sign and a postal envelope. 

The pieces are currently on display in a specially designed installation space in the London DSM store, inspired by the work of Gene Moore, who masterminded Tiffany's windows between 1955 and 1994. In a nod to DSM, Tiffany is also replacing its signature white ribbon on the box of all Out of Retirement purchases with a black version. Available until January 2016, the collection won't be around for much longer, so why not snap up a real collector's item for someone you love this Christmas? 

Dover Street Market X Tiffany, 
17-18 Dover Streeet,