The march of wearable technology continues apace as we lead ever more connected lives. But, the tech you choose to adorn your wrist with needn’t be purely functional. Thanks to Michael Kors and its recently introduced ACCESS line, fashion-forward wearable tech is now a reality.

Having partnered with Google to utilise its Android Wear operating system, the Michael Kors Access smartwatch allows the wearer to enjoy a whole host of functions packaged in a stylish accessory. The fashionable look is provided via interchangeable leather and silicone straps as well as a watch face that changes with a swipe of the finger – from a digital chronograph one moment to a shimmering embellished pavé scene the next.

Compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, the touchscreen display helps users keep track of their social media platforms, providing updates, text and email alerts, as well as app notifications. The voice command, meanwhile, helps you search the web – ideal if you’re navigating a big city such as London and require directions. However, perhaps the most exciting function for any gym bunny is that the smartwatch provides in-built fitness tracking, making it the perfect gift for those with fitness goals on their list of New Year’s resolutions. 

However, the smartwatch isn’t the only addition to Michael Kors’ technology offering. Looking more like a piece of jewellery, the new selection of Activity Trackers lets users keep note of the total number of steps, calories, distance travelled and sleep patterns. Powered by a coin cell battery, removing the need for a charger, the Activity Tracker also syncs with the user's phone via the Michael Kors LINK feature – controlling music or taking a photo has never been so easy.

But, for those who still like taking photos and achieving instant, printable results, check out Michael Kors’ collaboration with Fujifilm. The limited edition Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera comes in bold metallic gold and features a special selfie mode that adjusts automatically to ensure everyone looks picture perfect. 

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