Gone are the days of the overstuffed wardrobe, littered with too many clothing options and countless versions of the same item – today's fashion-lovers appreciate that the key to modern sartorial success is an appreciation for quality over quantity – a carefully curated wardrobe of timeless staples that will endure throughout cycles of fashion trends. BOSS Menswear understands this too, and in order to make an effortlessly chic wardrobe even easier, the brand has launched a collection of Wardrobe Staples, dubbed 'the ultimate capsule collection for the modern man,' featuring classic menswear pieces such as the perfect white T-shirt and selvage stretch denim jeans, refined with BOSS style.

The three principals of 'fit, fabric and finish' are the focus of the collection, which features everything from a luxe suede bomber jacket to a soft wool sweater, knitted to follow the outline of the body for the the perfect fit. Every item of the 15 different styles have been designed to be paired seamlessly together in a variety of combinations, with details such as the edge of a pair of selvedge denim jeans reflected on the pocket of an Oxford shirt. To complete the look, a range of accessories are also available including belts, white sneakers and a leather tote – designed to provide any outfit with an injection of timeless style. 

The collection will be available online and in store from Spring 2017