We fell in love with the intricate, delicate designs of Sabina Savage's scarves when we featured her in our recent winter edition – each pattern hand drawn with incredible care by Savage herself, often spending up to six weeks on each design before they are printed on to silk, wool and cashmere by artisans in Como, Italy. Since then we have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Savage's SS17 collection, which is out now – featuring an exquisite range of scarves dubbed 'Alchemie Chinoiserie' – depicting the story of a bid for freedom made by the specimens of a Chinese alchemist's cabinet:

"In an alchemist’s repository in Peking, three wooden specimen chests lie untouched by time. Old kimonos lie discarded around them; ribbons of silk tattered and forgotten. Once a store for rare ingredients, the room has been still for over a century; Until now.
As the lid of each chest slowly prises open, a flurry of moths disperse and rain soft dust around the room. An elegant wing steadily releases itself, and as the lid of the first chest drops back, two golden crowned heads delicately appear, glad to stretch their long graceful necks after all these years locked away. Slowly and cautiously, a pair of glowing green eyes flickers in the shadows, and then another. Two ornate clouded leopards thrust open the lid of their ancient chest and begin a swirling struggle amongst the bones and trinkets of their isolation. The third chest begins to rattle and shake, and a flock of shimmering blue kingfishers struggle against their tethers as they try to burst free. The Tibetan Antelope calmly looks on, rousing herself from a long sleep."

Inspired by a variety of visual imagery, from the ornate costumes of the Chinese Opera to the eclectic work of artist Ron Pippin, the collection features a menagerie of beautifully-observed animals including Golden Crested Cranes, Kingfishers, Clouded Leopards and Tibetan Antelopes. In addition to this, to celebrate the new season, Savage has also released AW16's Circo Libre collection in silk twill for the warmer months. For the perfect, timeless summer accessory, Sabina Savage's beautiful scarves are the perfect investment.