Health lovers, rejoice! Fitness specialists Bodyism have just landed in Fenwick with a new Clean and Lean café, serving up delicious doses of nutritious food and drink to customers on the go. The menu features a nutrition key, illustrating which foods are anything from energy boosting and high protein to fat burning and alkalising. Dishes include acai bowls full of rich cacao and carob, cookies made from quinoa and raw chocolate and delicious smoothies such as the 'Ultimate Clean' stuffed with raspberries, chia seeds, yacon and coconut water. Anyone who has fallen fowl of a spiraliser will also be pleased to hear that courgetti is also on the menu, topped with homemade dressing and toasted nuts. We're sure it won't be long until Deliciously Ella will be popping her head round the door to sample a chia pudding or two. 

Clean and Lean, 
63 New Bond Street,