Jean Hugo – L'arbre en Fleurs

In a city of fast paced change, celebrating 25 years of business in London is an achievement for any company, so John Adams Fine Art is feeling pretty proud of its landmark birthday. Originally specialising in late 18th century and 19th century paintings, for the last decade, the gallery has become a leader in 20th century French art, leading to the discovery of talented artists Othello Radou (1910-2006) and Denise Mannoni (1918-2003) whose estates are now represented by the gallery. Everyone from the Queen to famous actors, entertainers and politicians have graced the gallery and now John Adams Fine Art invite you to celebrate the company's 25 years of success with a special exhibition running until the 23rd of December. On display will be pieces from artists such as Jean Hugo (pictured), André Brasilier and Claude Venard.

John Adams Fine Art
200 Ebury Street,