Acclaimed jewellery designer Kat Florence is opening her first UK store on London's Grafton street tonight – an atelier-style boutique designed to offer a relaxed environment in which customers can browse Florence's range of fine jewellery. Having grown up on the East Coast of Canada, Florence trained in Biology, followed by a Masters in Education and eight years teaching art and science in a school in Bangkok, before deciding to pursue a passion for jewellery. Learning her craft under a classically trained Dutch jeweller, Florence worked with the finest rare jewels, discovering how to unlock the character of each one through delicate design and an appreciation for each stone's natural beauty. 

Today, Kat's brand endeavours to create the most exquisite gemstone jewellery on the market. Each gem is individually sourced – often by Kat herself, who uses only the rarest, most perfectly clear D grade diamonds in her designs. The new store will showcase Kat's vibrant designs that include everything from deep violet Tanzanite and soft pink Morganite to aquamarine Tourmaline, sourced from around the globe and transformed into rings, earrings and necklaces. Florence has said, "Choosing jewellery is an intimate and personal experience. Once you hold it in your hands, that's the moment when everything changes. That's why it was so important for me to open the London store so people can touch, feel and see my pieces. It's the only way to truly appreciate the enchanting natural beauty of these rare gems." 

Kat Florence,
13a Grafton Street,