For those not in the know, British etiquette can seem a complicated maze of behaviours, ranging from the proper way to hold cutlery through to the correct way to address an invite. Fortunately, The Lanesborough hotel are teaming up with etiquette authority Debrett's to offer two courses in the essentials of British social customs, providing valuable insight into the most important behaviours of polite society. Founded in 1769 when John Debrett published the first edition of The Peerage, Debrett's has remained the leading authority on British etiquette, providing expertise in everything from engagements and wedding planning through to the peerage system and forms of address.

The Lanesborough's courses hope to draw on this knowledge to provide courses that are both fun and educational, hosted by a Debrett's expert. One course will offer a full-day guide to 'The Season' exploring the British approach to dining, etiquette, hosting and seasonal dress codes. Topics will include greetings, conversations and 'small talk,' through to body language and forms of address. Over lunch at the Lanesborough's Michelin-starred restaurant Céleste, guests will be able to put their new skills to the test, followed by a night at the hotel. For those looking for a shorter experience, Debrett's will also be offering a 'Guide to Tea' - a 90-minute crash course in the most timeless British pastime. Available for a minimum of four people, the guide will provide the chance to learn about the history of tea, how it became such a beloved British tradition, as well as the best way to enjoy the meal. 

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