Jeweller Kat Florence has added an exciting new energy to the Mayfair shopping scene since opening the doors of her first boutique on Grafton Street earlier this year. Having launched online two years ago, Florence has rapidly built a loyal customer base, drawn to her hands-on approach to jewellery design. Florence prides herself on being involved in every stage of the creation of a piece, from sourcing stones to designing and cutting them in-house. The results are a series of immensely striking pieces that showcase the natural beauty of the materials Florence works with, from firey black opals, to glowing topaz and sparkling peridot

To celebrate the brand's first Christmas in London, the store unveiled yesterday an intricate new paper cut installation created by artist Veronica Hodges. Hodges drew inspiration from the Kat Florence aesthetic to create her 'Nectar of Life' artwork, which attempts to narrate the individual journey we all take in life. A hummingbird forms the centre of the installation, from which a series of delicate flower and leaf motifs spread out across the store to create a paper jungle. 

In addition to the sculpture, Florence is also raising money for a key cause this Christmas, donating 20 Euros of each piece sold in December and January to the British Refugee Council, who work to assist Age Dispute Minors (children between 13-18 years old) being held in detention. Determining a child's age can be a notoriously difficult task, especially with children who lack the documentation to prove their status, or have the physical appearance of being more than 18 years old. As a result, this group can often be overlooked for care, and vital funds raised by Kat Florence will help these children during what can be a difficult and frightening period. With Christmas just a few weeks away, there's never been a better time to invest in a stunning piece of jewellery, while contributing to a worthy cause.