Belgian chocolate brand Godiva has celebrated its 90th birthday in style with a party at the Ham Yard Hotel's Dive Bar, where guests enjoyed a 'multi-sensory' journey through the brand's rich heritage and continued innovation. Founded in 1926 by Joseph Draps at the Grand Place in Brussels, the brand opened its first Paris boutique in 1958 and from there, Godiva chocolates has continued to grow in popularity, expanding to become the international brand it is today, with more than 450 shops worldwide as well as Café Godiva in Harrod's. Draps's famous quote 'Chocolate is a dream' continues to inspire the company ethos today, and the anniversary collection truffles that have been released to celebrate the landmark birthday. Created by Godiva's Chef Chocolatier Ilse Wilmots, the collection promises a journey through a variety of exquisite taste and texture combinations, from classic truffles through to mousse versions and multi-texture pieces enrobed in crunchy shells. Flavours include everything from creamy hazelnut and Speculoos through to Tahitian vanilla and even matcha – every chocolate lover's dream.