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The Wellness Clinic


Latin for “all things for all people, everywhere”, Omnia Omnibus Ubique is Harrods’ proud motto, and this all-encompassing ethos has extended to its first in-store wellness hub. At 10,500 square feet, The Wellness Clinic is the luxury department store’s response to the burgeoning wellness movement, which has seen a huge shift towards investing in inner, as well as outer, beauty. Annalise Fard, director of beauty and home at Harrods, elaborates on how the clinic evolved. “We’d been tracking a holistic wellness revolution for some time,” she says. “This trend is producing a new breed of spas and clinics that are devoted to enhancing inner health, rather than simply encouraging consumers to create a great outer physique. It’s now all about investing in your beauty regime from the inside, out.”

The sprawling sanctuary offers 14 treatment rooms, two personal training studios and a private consultation room. Global experts from the fields of wellbeing, aesthetics and dermatology have deftly orchestrated a range of signature treatments for the clinic. Guests can expect exposure to state-of-the art technology in their consultations, such as a 3D-imaging system and Gen Identity DNA testing for prescriptive skincare and health advice.

The Wellness Clinic at Harrods, Fourth Floor, 87-135 Brompton Road, SW1X 7XL | 020 7225 5678.

Jun 5th 2018

It’s no exaggeration to say that every possible beauty, soul and self-improvement need has been considered. Alongside meditation, fitness, nutrition and holistic therapies, there’s also a cryotherapy chamber, while vitamin infusion is available via a partnership with The Elixir Clinic. Meanwhile, an extensive range of medical aesthetics services, administered by leading international doctors, are on offer, with treatments ranging from Botox and fillers, to peels, lifts and sculpting services. “The Wellness Clinic was founded with the concept of integrative beauty first and foremost, so being able to provide a combination of aesthetic and holistic treatments to promote overall wellbeing was key,” says Fard. “We strove to ensure that our menu of treatments and experiences wholly explored the wellness trend. From mindfulness sessions to VitaDrips, we’re proud of the depth of offer that we’re able to share with our customers.”

The expansive clinic, on the store’s fourth floor, opened in May 2017, and Fard says no stone was left unturned in the search for premier practitioners. “It was absolutely key to be able to offer our clients experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world,” she says. The team visited Thailand, Japan and South Korea, testing treatments and looking for best practice. “We travelled the globe to seek out the foremost practitioners to carry out our services and treatments,” says Fard. The resulting dream team of resident and visiting practitioners includes food and fitness guru Louise Parker, renowned for her six-week programme The Method, famed acupuncturist Ross Barr and hypnotherapist and mindfulness guru Terrence the Teacher. The Wellness Clinic has also brought celebrity-endorsed treatments such as Dr. Colbert’s signature NYDG (New  York Dermatology Group) therapies, previously only available across the Atlantic, to London.


While the list of services is undoubtedly comprehensive, with thousands of customers visiting Harrods every day, can a bustling department offer a tranquil retreat? A peek inside The Wellness Clinic seems to indicate that it can. The interior, designed by architects Stanton Williams, utilises natural cherry timber and Moleanos stone to provide a bright and earthy ambience. This, combined with clever lighting, has resulted in a calming space.“The in-store location actually works to our advantage,” says Fard. “Although it’s based in the midst of the buzzing Fashion Lab department, the clinic very much holds its own as a juxtaposition to what’s outside, becoming this tranquil and serene place as soon as the double doors are closed behind you.” She adds: “When we were designing the clinic, we wanted to create this feeling of room despite it being located in the very heart of the store. There is incredible attention to detail in all aspects, especially the lighting, which is indicative of natural light coming through the walls – an important factor as the clinic is windowless.”


A year after its launch, customers are flocking to The Wellness Clinic, which has secured what Fard describes as “a very loyal London customer base”. Sessions by visiting practitioners are proving extremely popular and international tourists are increasingly visiting the clinic as its reputation mushrooms globally.“We have a high retention rate, with our local clients enjoying exploring our full depth of offering,” says Fard. “However, the nature of our business also means we see numerous international customers too, with sometimes reoccurring but also one-off appointments. VitaDrips and cryotherapy are a big hit with our travelling clients, however many of our practitioners, such as Louise Parker, also offer follow-up Skype consultations so that treatment can continue once the client is back home.”

Fard says today’s customers are constantly searching for groundbreaking health and beauty technologies, ensuring that the wellness team is challenged to think outside the box and regularly dream up exclusive new signature therapies for the already all-embracing treatment menu. Most recently, the clinic has launched the 111CRYO Signature Cryotherapy Rejuvenation Face Treatment, which can only be experienced at The Wellness Clinic. “We are always on the lookout for innovative and exciting beauty breakthroughs,” concludes Fard. “Our treatment list is ever-evolving, which we believe sets us apart from our competitors and keeps our clientele eager and engaged.”



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