Craftsmanship, Dining, Fashion

Fendi arrives at Harrods for summer

Seems everywhere you look in Harrods just now you’ll see a Fendi pop up
Craftsmanship, Fashion

In Conversation With: Grace Han, Designer

Elizabeth Finney chats to accessories designer Grace Han about her work, her new collection and opening her flagship store in London

Poker Face: The Luxury Gaming Revival

As Fiona Vlemmiks discovers, luxury, hand-crafted gaming sets are the ultimate indulgence for both board-game aficionados and those passionate about contemporary art

The Art of British Gun Making

Amy Smithers explores the craftsmanship of London’s gun makers

Wonder Wall: The World of a London Muralist

It might be one of the world’s earliest expressions of art, but our love affair with decorative wall painting is far from waning. Kathryn Conway meets one of the city’s brightest talents in this artistic medium to soak up its enduring appeal

The Beauty of Nature at VenusRox

Elizabeth Finney discovers the mysterious world of VenusRox, the Notting Hill boutique where extraordinary natural crystals are turned into fine art
Craftsmanship, Dining

Curious Creations: The Artistic Foodie

Beatrice Squires explores the work of a woman who champions food as an artistic medium

Pattern Perfect: How Enid Marx revolutionised print design in Britain

Elizabeth Finney heads to the House of Illustration in King’s Cross to speak to curator Olivia Ahmad about how illustrator Enid Marx changed the face of British design in the 20th century

Functional Fantasy: How glassblower Laura Smith creates her mystical pieces

Elizabeth Finney meets with glassblower Laura Smith to find out more about her personal blend of glass sculpture and functional products