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The designer has launched two special edition Whitney handbags in collaboration with actress and brand ambassador Yang Mi

August 17 marks the Qixi Festival, the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day. Based on a myth that dates as far back as 2,600 years, it celebrates the romantic legend of two lovers – the weaver and the cowherd – whose enduring love was forbidden; they were sent to opposite sides of the Silver River or, as it’s better known, the Milky Way. The story goes that, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a magical bridge to reunite the lovers for just one day a year.

Elizabeth Finney

To honour the occasion, Michael Kors has launched a dedicated global campaign and a product collaboration with actress Yang Mi. The campaign video features Yang Mi and was shot by  photographer Chen Man.

Michael Kors X Yang Mi

Two special edition handbags have been released in red and black leather, giving the Whitney a fresh look with heart and star-shaped silver-tone hardware to subtly incorporate the meaning of Qixi. With regard to her inspiration for the design, Yang Mi says: “Studs are always a part of my style, so I knew I wanted to use them in these designs. The heart shapes were perfect for symbolising love this Qixi, while the star shapes were all about adding a little personality and attitude.”


The two new Whitney pieces will be available to buy worldwide, making an ideal gift. “Qixi is one of those special holidays where the sentiment – love that endures – can be understood and celebrated wherever you are,” says Michael Kors. “And when we started to design a celebratory product, I thought who better to partner with than our ambassador Yang Mi?”

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