Last Chance to See: Burke & Hare

Last Chance to See: Burke & Hare

Robert Boulton descends into the dark and comical world of Burke & Hare at the Jermyn Street Theatre

Heading from the ground level to the tiny theatre adds to the whole experience – the narrow tunnel gives Jermyn Street Theatre so much of its theatrical transportation and charm. Emerging, guests are greeted by Toots Butcher’s wonderful stage design. Creating a playground for actors to convincingly transport the audience at points between a tavern, a town square, a mortuary and a courthouse at breakneck pace is a difficult one, yet one that she achieves with macabre and gothic aplomb.

Dec 13th 2018

The Berkeley launches Rooftop Winter Cinema

The annually anticipated Rooftop Winter Cinema returns to chic London hotel, The Berkeley, from 15th November through 31st December.

In Bloom: British Garden Parties

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