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Facing Facts at Blush + Blow: The Murad Facial


Eleanor Hicks discovers why tailored skincare treatments are absolutely key

Would you prescribe yourself medicine without seeing a doctor? Probably not. So why do we treat our skin with such a lack of precision? If the rows of tubs and tubes can become dizzying, expert advice is far more economical than trialling five different creams not really knowing what you’re looking for.

During my consultation at Blush + Blow, I learnt what would benefit my skin and wasn’t sold a one-size-fits-all product. Instead of leaving with products, I actually left with a wealth of knowledge on how best to care for my skin.


Blush + Blow, a stone’s throw from picturesque Parsons Green, felt like somewhere you would find outside of the city due it’s slower pace. This calm atmosphere made me feel valued and I was comforted by the lack of gimmicks. As I sat in the sleek yet unaffected salon I completed a ‘live better & feel better wheel’. It helped identify where my overall health stands and what parts of my lifestyle need attention. This confirmed to me that the salon takes the individual concerns of their clients seriously and that they deliver a bespoke service.


During my Murad facial, my skin was prepared with the gentle eye makeup remover and a refreshing double cleanse but it was after the consultation when the real magic happened. Firstly, the therapist Raimonda used the AHA Rapid Exfoliator with Glycolic Acid which helps exfoliate and renew skin without irritation. Next came a face, upper body and arm massage that managed to unravel my tightly wound muscles. For the first time in my experience I actually relaxed, despite the fact that I find it incredibly difficult to switch off during treatments. I drifted away thanks to my cocoon of cosy blankets, the tranquil classical music and citrusy aromas, comfortable in the knowledge that my skin was receiving some much-needed TLC.


Raimonda then created a bespoke series of masks, my favourite being the Allantoin-Day Mask for reducing irritation and breakouts and a soothing treatment that moisturised and healed my skin, locking in moisture for long-lasting hydration. To finish, the Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum was applied to calm down the skin as well as the Intensive Age Diffusing Serum and Age-Balancing Moisturiser (SPF 30). These products nourished my skin and contained phytoestrogens, perfect for balancing a hormonal breakout.

I left with glowing skin and an enormous sense of wellbeing thanks to both the carefully-curated treatment and the soothing guidance I received while there. In this fast paced city it can be difficult to find pockets of time that are really for you, so when you do stop and unwind, it can feel absurdly decadent. My capable therapist, Raimonda, made me realise a nourishing facial is not simply a treat – it's something that should be part of everyone's self-care regime.  

Murad Facial at Blush + Blow, 197 New Kings Rd, SW6 4SR, 020 3866 4569,

Pictures courtesy of Kate Nielen Photography, Murad via Facebook and iStock.



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