Gardening in Clay: How Vanessa Hogge creates flowers that last forever

Gardening in Clay: How Vanessa Hogge creates flowers that last forever

Elizabeth Finney meets ceramicist Vanessa Hogge, who handcrafts intricate vessels and wallflowers from memory

Vanessa Hogge started life in the sunny plains of South Africa, where both her mother and grandmother curated wild and beautiful gardens. These horticultural masterpieces have lodged themselves firmly in Hogge’s memory and, while gardening isn’t her forte (yet), she has found an alternative way to recreate flowers from her childhood. “I look at my work as my version of the gardens of my mother and grandmother,” Hogge says. “I love flowers, I think that they have so much to offer. There are so many variations, so many different forms, and as a means of decorating they’re just so perfectly suited to clay.”

All images courtesy of Polly Rusyn and Yeshen Venema

Aug 16th 2018
Elizabeth Finney

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