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Hair Reborn

Hair Reborn Portrait

Step 1: “I wash my hair every three days, so I give it a chance to embrace its natural oils. Aveda Dry Remedy™ Moisturizing Shampoo  and Conditioner is perfect for brittle, coarse hair and is safe for colour-treated hair too. If I’ve got time, I’ll leave the conditioner on the ends of my hair for five minutes, then run it through the rest of my hair with my fingers before rinsing it out.”

Nov 27th 2017

Step 2: “Once a month I like to change things up by using the Bumble and bumble™ Sunday Shampoo. It’s a clarifying shampoo that detoxes the hair when it’s suffering from too much product build-up. I mix in a small amount with my regular shampoo and work it into the roots of my hair. It’s brilliant for removing any excess product and it gives your hair that fresh, clean salon feeling.”

Step 3: “Using a heat protector is really important on dry, damaged hair and works as
a barrier to protect it from drying out and breaking during styling. I spray Aveda Brilliant™ Damage Control™  on to damp hair, allowing it to fully coat the hair before I start to dry it. I also try to let my hair dry naturally before using straighteners so that I don’t double up on unnecessary heat by using a hair dryer to rough dry.”

Step 4: “After straightening my hair, I use Bumble and bumble™ Brilliantine, which gives it a lived-in look with shine and texture. I work a tiny amount through the ends of my hair.”

Step 5: “If my hair needs a refresh on day two or three, I’ll use Aveda Shampure™ Dry Shampoo. This absorbs excess oil in the roots so I like to spray it from a distance, then massage it into my hair using my fingers.”



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