Last Chance to See: Original Death Rabbit

Last Chance to See: Original Death Rabbit

Bethan Kapur discovers the dark side of becoming an Internet star, thanks to one-woman show Original Death Rabbit

BAFTA Award-winning actor Kimberly Nixon (known best for her roles in Fresh Meat, Ordinary Lies and Cranford) plays an Oxford English Literature graduate in Rose Heiney’s latest drama, Original Death Rabbit, whose brief stint with Internet fame has been consuming her life. Heiney, who, like the protagonist, graduated from Oxford University in 2006, demonstrates a timely understanding of the internal torment that many young women face with regard to life online.

The main (and only) character, who remains nameless throughout, becomes an Internet meme after being photographed in the background of a funeral wearing a pink rabbit onesie.

This woman is painfully self-aware with a tendency to self deprecate, a likely result of the years she has spent reading the messages of Internet trolls. She is mindful of every criticism that could be made of her, explaining how she’s too privileged to deserve sympathy for her struggles with mental health and joking that she is “the patriarchy’s little b***h” for loving old poetry written by old white men.

Jan 21st 2019