Quiet luxury is a concept that has been simmering away for a few years. Low-key and understated, it is the kind of luxury that is whispered by those in the know, by those who understand that indulgence doesn’t necessarily lie in a high price tag and a flashy logo. London, if you scratch beneath the surface, is full of establishments that embody this ethos. Indeed, the city is the veritable champion of companies that quietly go about the business of creating beautiful products, usually without fuss and without fanfare, for people for whom quality not price is key.

Guy Morgan is at the helm of one such business. His eponymous brand is the epitome of the term artisan and was borne out of Morgan’s own quest to find efficacious skincare products that were both natural and responsibly produced.  “I grew up in Somerset surrounded by beautiful countryside and woodland, and the natural world was something I developed a keen interest in,” Morgan reveals. “My mother was a botanist so we had a herbarium and a modest-sized greenhouse, but whenever we were out on walks together, she would teach me about the flora and fauna, pointing out species that had a particular use, for example, so I grew up with a real affinity for the power of plants.” This passion for botany piqued an interest in natural skincare and it wasn’t long before Morgan was washing his face with oat grains and researching how clay might help his troubled complexion.

May 29th 2018

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