Sketch: ‘Christmas Here, There and Everywhere’

Sketch: ‘Christmas Here, There and Everywhere’

sketch, presents ‘Christmas here, there and everywhere’, an immersive installation created in collaboration with over ten leading talents including artists, master florists and prop makers. 

The iconic artist-conceived food and drinks destination in London’s Mayfair presents ‘Christmas here, there and everywhere’ until 5th January 2020. The display will explore the many Christmas rituals, customs and symbols rooted in centuries-old traditions from all around the world. The exhibition is divided into five dazzling installations, each set to celebrate these diverse traditions. 

The first installation is the sketch Christmas Arcades. Award-winning florist and creative director Carly Rogers has brought together a team of prop makers to transform the sketch entrance into a fairy-tale street-like succession of Christmas scenes where the past blends with the present, the real with the imaginary. 

Dec 13th 2019
Angela Tabor

Christmas Parol Kaleidoscope is the second installation. Paper art studio Pom Pom Factory has created a series of decorative structures across the Parlour inspired by the ‘Christmas Parol’, a traditional star-shaped ornament found in the Philippines that evokes the Star of Bethlehem. For sketch, Pom Pom Factory has reinterpreted the Parol Star as seen through the optical gaze of a kaleidoscope, radiating throughout the room.

Figa & Co’s creative director Kim Beedie takes over the Glade with an enchanting floral installation entitled ‘A storm in a teacup.’ An ethereal column of winter leaves and faded blooms spiral out of a delicate china teacup, pulling skywards as if caught in an imaginary breeze, the vortex climbs upwards into a luminous, rolling snow-cloud full of the promise of the first falling snow.

Carly Rogers creates the fourth display, ‘Over the moon for Christmas’. This installation depicts a scene of a far-away plant wherein a UFO has landed, bringing back from planet Earth a variety of Christmas regalia. The display also features a four-metre-wide flying saucer as well as ‘The Eclipse’ by artist Balinto Bolygo.


The final installation, ‘Once Upon a Time at the court of Catherine the Great of Russia…’ was designed by Ricky Jackson, creative director at Ricky Paul Flowers. Jackson designed a stunning Christmas tree as the centrepiece for sketch’s three Michelin starred Lecture Room and Library. The tree recalls the opulence of the 18th century royal court of Russia, echoing the artistic fascination for “Chinoiserie”, the aristocratic fashion of the time.

Alongside the exhibition, sketch will host a full programme of festive activities including music entertainment by sketch’ in house trio dressed for the occasion by designer Karim Tassi as well as a series of dance performances by ballerinas from Jenna Lee and Christmas Carols.

Christmas Afternoon Tea will be served in the Gallery throughout the installation. The installation is priced at £85 per person and £50 per child including Pat the Bear with an outfit designed by Sarah Alltimes. For more information about sketch’s Christmas exhibit and other festivities click here


Images courtesy of sketch and Mark Cocksedge