Coming Up Roses: Willow & Maw Floristry

Coming Up Roses: Willow & Maw Floristry

Nothing says summer more than an abundance of flowers. Former fashion designer, Lucy Maw, reveals how her career in floristry blossomed and Willow & Maw was born

What inspired you to go into floristry?
Previously I was a womenswear designer in the fashion industry where my initial ideas were worked on and produced by other people. I was eager to get back to the essence of creating and actually making something with my hands. I am a keen gardener and have a real passion for flowers and plants so it seemed the obvious choice.

When did you launch Willow & Maw?
I opened Willow & Maw about two years ago while still working as a freelancer for other florists.

Did your fashion background help?
My creativity and the floristry style at Willow & Maw is absolutely informed by my fashion experience. Years of designing and styling clothes have honed my understanding of colour, texture, structure and composition.

Jul 11th 2019

Where do you source your flowers?
New Covent Garden Flower Market. I occasionally order directly from Holland, but I love to actually see the flowers. There is an incredible selection at the market and placing orders in advance ensures availability of specific varieties. I buy British-grown flowers when I can and I’m an enthusiastic cut-flower grower, so I use as many of my own stems and as much home-grown foliage as possible.

What is your favourite part of the job?
I love the immediacy of floristry. The attention to detail that goes into creating something incredibly beautiful, which naturally lasts for only a moment in time, is so special.


Do you have any favourite blooms you try to include as a signature?Every project is different and therefore demands a bespoke combination of flowers. However, I have always loved Japanese anemones – just a single stem in a vase gets me every time.

What’s your favourite season?
As each new season comes around it brings flowers that you haven’t used for a while and that’s so exciting. You become very involved with certain flowers and then, as the season changes, it brings a new aesthetic.

What have been your favourite experiences while working as a florist?
I love designing for weddings and events, but I also enjoy floral styling for more unusual projects such as editorial or film. I love how different floristry can be project to project – no day is the same.

Images courtesy of Willow & Maw