Tart London: Top Garden Party Tips

Tart London: Top Garden Party Tips

Down the garden path…with food columnists and co-founders of Tart London, Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison, as they share their top garden-party tips

The dynamic duo met in New York while working in the fashion industry and bonded straight away over their love of good, hearty dishes. In 2012 Tart London was born and Jemima and Lucy began catering for some of the biggest names in fashion.

They quickly became well known for creating delicious, fresh and healthy dishes using seasonal and sustainably-sourced, local ingredients, began writing a weekly magazine column together in 2016 and even catered the latest royal wedding.

In 2018, Jemima and Lucy published their first book of recipes and, earlier this year, their exciting new concept restaurant, Wild by Tart, opened its doors in Belgravia. With expertise in fashion, design and, most importantly, dining, we couldn’t wait to find out about their foodie experiences and how they would plan their perfect garden party.



Jul 11th 2019

What inspired you to launch the new Wild by Tart restaurant?
Lucy: We’d been thinking about it for a while; it was always the dream to open our own studio with a relaxed restaurant. When we found the perfect spot, we had to go for it.

How did you settle on the concept?
Lucy: It was the location that inspired us to open a delicatessen along with the restaurant and studio. A lot of people work in the area, but there’s not much choice when it comes to good quality, take-out food, so we thought we’d better do that as well.

When did you both start cooking?
We’ve cooked since we were kids; our mothers taught us and we’ve enjoyed it ever since.


Where are your favourite outdoor spaces in London?
Jemima: All of the parks – we’re lucky to have parks that are looked after so well. We try as hard as we can to do some sort of walk in a park every single day; it’s the best thing for clearing your mind.

If you were asked to prepare a meal for 50 people at short notice, what would you go for?
Lucy: We’d put together a spread with an Italian vibe: maybe a few barbecued or roasted fish drizzled with olive oil and stuffed with fresh herbs and homemade aioli, a couple of pasta dishes, some grilled vegetables with zingy sauces, crusty bread with olive oil and a damn good cheese platter.

What’s your favourite comfort food?
Lucy: It has to be spicy pasta.


What does the future hold for Tart London and Wild by Tart?
Jemima: We wouldn’t mind taking Tart overseas to the sunshine. Failing that, then maybe the English countryside.

What would be your perfect menu for a garden party?
Jemima: It needs to be seasonal: think easy, clean flavours and super-light and fresh for summer. I’m always happy with grilled fish over a barbecue with a few crunchy salads followed by a creamy dessert – it’s the ideal time to show off your new ice-cream recipe.

What drinks would you serve?
A very good chilled white wine. On arrival perhaps something fresh and apricot-y, such as a Torrontés, or a sparkling pink – you can’t go wrong with a Laurent-Perrier Rosé.


Would you have a dress code?
Lucy: Definitely something floating and silky, but with chunky heels so you don’t sink into the grass!

Do you have a go-to flower colour scheme?
Jemima: Not really – just keep it subtle and fresh. The summer is all about wildflowers, long, lazy days and not caring too much.

Would there be a theme?
Lucy: Keeping it natural is key with clean, soft linens, little glasses with freshly picked flowers and the occasional candle – nothing too matching or stylised.

What crockery and cutlery would you go for?
Lucy: We have such a collection. It’s usually rather mismatched, but now that we have the restaurant we can lay a table with a whole set of the same crockery! We use off-white plates and little emerald-green side plates from Puglia, brushed-metal cutlery, wine glasses etched with stars and recycled, green water glasses from Morocco.


Where would be your dream location?
Jemima: Up on a hill overlooking meadows laden with wildflowers and the occasional tree to shelter from the sun. There’d be a long table full of sharing platters and live music for dancing the night away afterwards.

Who would your dream guests be?
Jemima: Our friends, a dreamy guy that we could flirt with, someone from a jazz band who could play a few numbers and a fantastic dancer to sweep us off our feet.

What would you give as party favours?
Jemima: Something homemade – perhaps bramble vodka or chocolate truffles.

Wild by Tart, 3-4 Eccleston Yards, SW1W 9AZ | @tart_london

Images courtesy of Shaun James Cox; Tart London