The Beauty of Nature at VenusRox

The Beauty of Nature at VenusRox

Elizabeth Finney discovers the mysterious world of VenusRox, the Notting Hill boutique where extraordinary natural crystals are reimagined as fine art

While collecting raw crystals is having a massive revival in the 21st century, it’s no secret that the human obsession with precious rocks and minerals dates back thousands of years. Notably, the word ‘crystal’ comes from the Ancient Greek word for ice, κρύσταλλος (krustallos). Their presence in day-to-day life in the form of jewellery, amulets and other various adornments has never waned. Ancient Egyptian grave amulets in lapis lazuli, quartz and emerald, 10,000-year-old jet and amber beads, 1,000-year-old jade beads from China and myriad Ancient Greek jewelled pieces in amethyst and quartz have been discovered and preserved, still acting as inspiration for today’s fashion and belief systems.

Oct 24th 2018

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