The Court: Private Members’ Club, Soho

The Court: Private Members’ Club, Soho

Private members’ clubs are making a comeback minus the stiff upper lip. We speak to Henry Mead, founder of The Court, about the venue’s impressive past and bright future

What made the site of The Court so special to you?
This place is dripping with musical history. Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, the Rolling Stones and The Beatles all played and spent time here – in fact, this is where Paul McCartney met his wife Linda. But it had another past prior to that, with RAF pilots bringing shot-down Germans here for a drink before taking them to prison – it’s always been a place with interesting people at its heart. I found the site after dreaming up the concept as a sort of passion project and finding the team. When I saw the venue, the atmosphere just felt right and everything fell into place straight away.

Feb 7th 2020

What makes your club’s atmosphere unique?
There are no clocks down here and the phone signal is terrible. It’s no mistake, I want this to be an oasis from the hustle and bustle of Soho. Yes, there’s a WiFi code so you won’t miss anything vital, but I want members to come here and feel like they can relax again. Once you walk through those doors, you should instantly breathe more easily. The decor, food and drinks are elegant, the seats are velvet and most of the dishes on the menu are refined classics that Michelin-starred chef Tom Sellers helped to create. I want members to be able to come here at 2pm or 2am, kick back, relax and be taken care of. The bar staff should already be pouring their usual, or they can store their own bottle here.

Who are your members?
I refer to them as dinner party guests – they all have something in common, but you can’t quite put your finger on what that is. They’re the type of people you can have a great conversation with about anything and everything. I wanted members from different walks of life who are looking for a great night of drinks, live music or comedy.

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