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Taming of Red Portrait

Red lipstick can never be described as a trend. It’s such an integral part of the art of dressing and ticks every emotional box in what that involves. It is glamour, seduction, sex, style, sophistication, romance, mystery and strength, all pretty much wrapped up into just one detail. Along with the high heel, it’s the ultimate quick-fix to looking ‘ready’. Red needs commitment.

Dec 6th 2017

It’s both armour and allure in equal measure. Men both fear and revere it, confused by the combination of barrier and fetishist appeal.
A red lip should never be thought of as a finishing touch. It’s the centre of focus and, as such, everything should be balanced against it. It’s a demanding detail in how it presents you to the world, offering both attention and detachment, the professional or the predator. To wear red effectively, you should always decide on your story. It is the ever-changing language of red that can be considered a trend, not the colour itself. In past decades, the colour red has always been attached to a particular cultural aspiration: movie-star glamour in the 1940s and 1950s; disco glossiness in the 1970s; power dressing in the 1980s; street smart in the 1990s. What red seems to offer in modern times is a greatest hits of all these iconic moments, but also the idea that red can be ‘real’. It’s losing the caricature and embracing the woman.
What really seems groundbreaking, and fitting to a new generation of women, is the idea of simplicity, a solo statement on an otherwise clean face. It’s putting on a red lip in the same way you would throw on a pair of jeans – a more uncluttered glamour, effortless but extremely knowing.
Beauty trends are currently embracing women’s desire for attitude over the faked perfection so prevalent on social media, hence why this beauty icon is undergoing such varied transformations in how it’s worn. It is not only the knife-edge perfect matte that is appealing to women at this point; there are many options, from soft-focus stains to imperfect swipes of intense colour, refusing to coordinate, often clashing against pink-flushed cheeks and stained fragile eyes.
Red is definitely asking itself a question: what is femininity?



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