From almost the start of recorded history, jewellery has been used as a symbol of power and prosperity. However, the competitive nature of the upper echelons of society dictates that new, more impressive, ways to display one’s wealth are always in demand. For the aristocrats of the 18th century, this meant re-imagining jewellery boxes – a previously functional accessory – as an ornate symbol of affluence. For those who could afford the services of a craftsman, creating the most expensive and intricate jewellery box became a matter of personal pride. As a result, a case became not only a means of protecting valuables, but also a work of art in itself, alluding simultaneously to the value of the jewels that lay within it and the wealth of its owner.

Feb 28th 2018
Watches & Jewellery

Bvlgari Cinemagia pop up launched at Harrods

The Cinemagia pop up will feature a stunning exclusive jewellery and accessory offering, including two bags from the much-anticipated Alexander Wang x Bvlgari collection.

Hidden Gems: Secret jewellery designs

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but what about the beheld? Jewellery designers are creating pieces with hidden details only the wearer knows about, says Amelia Jean Jones.

Annoushka Ducas on London

Annoushka Ducas, Founder of her eponymous brand and world-renowned jeweller, explains why london will always be her home and how the city has influenced her iconic businesses