When Worlds Collide: Galvin at Windows

When Worlds Collide: Galvin at Windows

Tilly Berendt visits the Hyde Park Hilton’s castle in the sky, Galvin at Windows, to find out more about their fine fusion cuisine and an exciting new launch

 Go to Galvin at Windows on a sunny day, and you’ll feel as though you can see all the goings-on of London playing out below you like a wind-up toy village. As it turns out, it’s a marvellous way to feel as though you’re miles away from the stresses of real life. Galvin at Windows’ newest brunch offering is fusion food at its finest, and I’m ready to try what might be one of the only interesting brunches left in London. The offering features culinary influences from South Korea, which are combined with classic French comfort food in a way that makes a surprising amount of sense.

Nov 12th 2018

Alfresco dining London

There’s no better way to enjoy the Great British summer in London than by dining alfresco at one of the city’s top restaurants. From rooftops with views to tucked-away courtyards, these will not disappoint