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Serpentine galleries

Go outdoors this summer and visit the Serpentine Galleries in Kensington Gardens

In Bloom: Garden parties

Dalliances in the dahlias and parrots in the peonies: it turns out there’s more to garden parties than meets the eye. Tilly Berendt dives into the shrubbery for a closer look

Dive in: London's coolest swimming pools

When the temperature soars, make a splash in a swimming pool. Kohinoor Sahota dives into some of the city’s coolest ones
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Fendi arrives at Harrods for summer

Seems everywhere you look in Harrods just now you’ll see a Fendi pop up

Finisterre: Sustainable and ethical clothing

As global consciousness surrounding the protection of our oceans grows, one man is driving change within the British garment industry. Hugh Francis Anderson meets Tom Kay, founder of Finisterre.
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Functional Fantasy: How glassblower Laura Smith creates her mystical pieces

Elizabeth Finney meets with glassblower Laura Smith to find out more about her personal blend of glass sculpture and functional products
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The Art of Preservation: From the Victorian Terrarium to today’s Leafage

Elizabeth Finney meets Kay Suppamas, founder of Leafage, to unearth the history and potential of terrariums
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Pure Brilliance: The History and Future of British Silversmithing

As the annual Goldsmiths’ Fair approaches, Marianne Dick casts an eye over the history and the future of British silversmithing
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Gardening in Clay: How Vanessa Hogge creates flowers that last forever

Elizabeth Finney meets ceramicist Vanessa Hogge, who handcrafts intricate vessels and wallflowers from memory


The LOEWE Foundation celebrates the importance of modern craft at The Design Museum, writes Arielle Witter