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Tight security, a royal palace and some of the rarest pink diamonds in the world. Claire Adler reports on the 2012 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender
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Shape Shifters: Luxury Transformational Jewellery

Lauren Romano discovers why the 20th-century trend for transformable jewels is enjoying a dazzling comeback
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Decorative dials are back in fashion with new techniques taking their place among more traditional crafts, as Laura McCreddie-Doak discovers
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British Watchmaking: Past, Present & Future

Britannia once ruled the waves with its watch industry and, thanks to the likes of Bremont, Roger W. Smith and Garrick, some of that long-lost glory is returning to English shores, says Alex Doak
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Diamond Debate: Are Cultivated Stones the Way Forward?

They look like diamonds and have the same chemical composition, but rather than being mined out of the ground, they are grown in a laboratory. Laura McCreddie-Doak looks at the new breed of cultivated diamonds