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Stealth wealth, inconspicuous consumption, cultural capital. Whatever label you want to give it, the traditional signifiers of affluence are being joined by new status symbols. That’s not to say that supercars, superyachts and super-prime properties aren’t top of many a high-net-worth individual’s shopping list, far from it; it’s just that the wealthy are looking for more meaningful ways to spend their money. It’s a philosophy that the editorial team at IN London closely identifies with and we have long championed brands that offer readers an opportunity to engage with stories that are unique to this great capital city. It’s a stance you’ll see on our newly launched website – – which aims to bring you a curated view of London’s luxury scene in today’s 24-7 culture, but it’s also a perspective that informs every page of this new-look print edition, too.

So, in our current editition, you’ll find that diamonds have been released from their ‘only on special occasions’ shackles to be imbued with a far more modern, nonchalant vibe. As our fabulous shoot demonstrates, this is how one should wear diamonds now. Similarly, Laura McCreddie-Doak explores how fine jewellery brands are breaking with tradition by creating pieces that have forward-thinking women in mind. When it comes to forward thinkers, there are few more progressive figures than Martha Ortiz. Having arrived in the capital with her wonderful new restaurant Ella Canta, this powerhouse of a chef recognises that she has a voice in the industry and she isn’t afraid to use it. Ortiz talks about breaking down the “caramel ceiling” and changing perceptions of Mexican cuisine, revealing that there’s so much more to her than her pretty plates of food suggest. She’s very much our kind of woman.

Kathryn Conway, Group Editor